9115 Natural Bridge Rd.

St. Louis, MO  63134

(314) 427 - 6995

Besides our 45 minute trail rides which are $25 (Juniors and up) we have programs that add some basic horsemanship and work towards badges.

A 2 hour program is $30 per girl scout.  The scouts ride for 45 minutes and also learn about horse colors and breeds.

The 3 hour program is $40 per girl scout. The scouts learn to brush and saddle their horses, ride, and have an intro to riding english style where they get to ride again for a short time.  There are 2 versions of this program with further horsemanship information so troops can come more than once.

Adults may ride also with the scouts. Their cost is $25 each. The rides are guided so adults are not required to go.  Helmets are provided.

We also have a program for Brownies.  It is $15 per Brownie and includes about a 5 minute ride around the property as well as a time of learning about horses.  The program lasts an hour or longer depending on the size of the troop.